Linkin Park Radio Takeover - Monday, September 13th, 12pm


According to Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, this country’s musical appetite mirrors its appetite for food. “People just want junk food,” he explains. “They want throw-away junk food music that’s going to make them lethargic and fat. Junk food is great once in a while, in moderation. Eat it every day and you just turn into a slob. We feel the same way about music. On this record, we’re definitely paying attention to the substance and the nuance, and we hope to make something that’s really cutting edge and really different.”

Linkin Park wanted a genre busting album with “A Thousand Suns”, and they just may have one.  It’s their 4th studio album, and second working with mastermind Rick Rubin. You’ve heard “The Catalyst” by now, but what about the rest?  Join us for The Linkin Park Radio Takeover at noon on Monday, September 13th.  An hour long look into the album from the band that has sold a kazillion records!!  Hear a number of songs from “A Thousand Suns” and all about what went into the making of it.  The CD drops the following day, so make a lunch date and make up your own mind on the new Linkin Park release “A Thousand Suns” with the Linkin Park Radio Takeover!  If you choose to have a fast food lunch during… hell, it’s up to you!

Making The Record

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